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Everyone deserves to feel good about their smile, but unfortunately, we have not all been blessed with perfect teeth.

The last decade especially there has been a huge increase in the number of patients seeking and completing cosmetic dental treatments in order to improve the appearance of their smile.

Composite bonding is just one of the cosmetic dental procedures that is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. At Vandana Sood, DMD in Leesburg, VA, we offer composite bonding as a cost-effective way to achieve a beautiful smile.

What is Composite Bonding?

There are several key benefits of choosing composite bonding to repair and transform your smile. These include:

  • Unlike porcelain veneers, which require at least two visits to your dentist, Dr. Sood is usually able to complete composite bonding treatment in just one appointment.
  • Composite bonding is a non-invasive treatment, and only a minimal amount of healthy tooth reduction will be necessary.
  • Ease of repair. Although composite resin is extremely durable, if it does become damaged in any way it can be repaired quickly and easily.
  • The resin can be managed in such a way that your new smile looks beautifully natural.

Composite Bonding Vs Porcelain Veneers

Many patients are confused about the difference between composite bonding and porcelain veneers. Veneers use thin, shell-like porcelain coverings. These are custom-created for your teeth, and then bonded to the outer enamel to create a more uniform shape and size for your smile.

However, where composite bonding requires only minimal tooth reduction, porcelain veneers require the outside of your teeth to be filed down to create a surface to bond them to. If a veneer becomes damaged, it will also be necessary to obtain a replacement in order to repair the tooth.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is an extremely low-risk procedure, making it suitable for the majority of patients. It is most commonly chosen by people who have generally good dental health, but have:

  • broken, chipped or cracked teeth.
  • teeth that are stained or discolored.
  • gaps between their teeth.
  • teeth that are uneven in size.
  • twisted, crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth.
  • bridge-facings that are worn or broken.

To assess your candidacy for any cosmetic dental treatment, including composite bonding, you will need to attend a consultation appointment with Dr. Sood.

During this appointment, she will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, and discuss your desires and goals for the procedure. Using this information, it will be possible for Dr. Sood to determine if composite bonding is the right cosmetic solution for you to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Composite Bonding Procedure

The composite bonding procedure is extremely straightforward. You will be given some local anesthetic while Dr. Sood files away a very small amount of your natural enamel on the affected teeth. The bonding agent will be pasted onto the freshly-filed teeth, with the composite resin added on top and shaped to improve the appearance of your smile.

The resin is then cured with a special light, which causes it to harden and secure itself firmly to your natural tooth. Once the resin is in place, your tooth will be given a thorough polish to make it appear shiny and completely natural.

Caring for Teeth After Composite Bonding

Teeth that have been repaired and improved using composite resin need to be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth, and daily brushing and flossing should be maintained. You should also ensure you attend your regularly scheduled check-ups with Dr. Sood.

Dr. Sood and her team have the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver some of the highest quality cosmetic dental procedures and patient care in the Leesberg, Ashburn, Lansdowne areas. If you would like to find out more about composite bonding, or to schedule a consultation, please make contact with our general and cosmetic dentistry practice today.


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