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Dental Implants

Exceptional Dental Implant Services in Leesburg

Attractive Middle Aged Woman Smiles On The Patio.At Vandana Sood, DMD, LLC, we offer implant restorations of unmatched quality. Our trusted dentist, Dr. Sood, is passionate about helping you achieve a smile that is appealing and fully functional. She provides an accurate diagnosis using advanced technologies such as an intraoral camera. This tool provides clear, precise images of your teeth and gums that Dr. Sood can share with you to explain the problem and the proposed treatment.

We proudly serve Leesburg, Lansdowne, Ashburn, and Brambleton communities, as well as all surrounding neighborhoods. Contact us today and schedule your appointment to experience our excellent services and friendly atmosphere.


What are Dental Implants?

3d render of dental implant with crownA dental implant is a popular, versatile restoration. Its popularity is due to it being a reliable option for teeth replacement. It consists of a titanium post that serves as the tooth root, and an abutment that is used to connect the tooth to a prosthetic. Dr. Sood works closely with an oral surgeon for the placement of the implant, then adds your custom restoration. This can be a crown, a denture, or a bridge.

Implants have many advantages which include:

  • Restoring your bite functionality
  • Reviving your smile as they look natural
  • Preserving facial structure by stimulating the jawbone
  • Permanence and durability
  • Preventing the shifting of adjacent teeth

Which Implant Restoration Option is Suitable for Me?

Your planned restoration is based on your specific situation. Below are the different restoration options:

A Crown: If you are missing one tooth, you only need a single implant and a crown. This will effectively prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and provide the chewing pressure you need to maintain your jawbone.

A Fixed Bridge: If you need to replace multiple teeth, implants can be used to replace two to three adjacent teeth. A fixed bridge with implants doesn’t rely on neighboring teeth for support. Instead, the prosthetic teeth are anchored to crowns placed on implant posts.

A Fixed Full Denture: If you are missing an entire arch of either your upper or lower teeth, an oral surgeon can replace them using four to six dental implants. Then, Dr. Sood can restore your smile with a fixed full denture. This prosthetic allows you to speak clearly and chew effectively and will not slip or rub against your gums.

Are Implants Suitable for Me?

Most of the time, dental implants are suitable for anyone with missing teeth. However, there are certain conditions you need to meet before undergoing dental implant surgery. You need to have sufficient jawbone density and excellent oral health. If you qualify for a dental implant, we will refer you to a talented oral surgeon to place your implants.

Gum Health and the Success of Dental Implant

close up of smiling womanYour gums are the foundation that holds your teeth together and protects your tooth roots. That is why we examine your mouth thoroughly to make sure your gums are in perfect condition, allowing them to undergo successful implant surgery. Depending on the health of your gums, some required pretreatments might be necessary.

  • Deep Cleaning: If you have gum disease in its early stages, we provide scaling and root planing treatment. Scaling removes plaque and tartar, while planing smooths the root surface to shrink any pockets filled with bacteria. For more advanced gum disease, Dr. Sood will refer you to a periodontist.
  • Bone Grafting: If your jawbone is soft, you will need to undergo bone grafting surgery. This procedure strengthens your jawbone and prepares it to receive the implant.

How Long Will My Implant Last?

By design, a dental implant is a durable, permanent solution that can last a lifetime. At our practice, we make sure you get successful, lasting results by ensuring you qualify for the treatment. Pretreatments before receiving an implant will allow you to enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

Do Dental Implants Need Special Care?

Once placed, your new prosthetics are permanent. They don’t need special care, but you need to maintain consistent oral hygiene and professional cleanings the same as you would do to protect your natural teeth.

Get the Smile You Long for with Vandana Sood, DMD, LLC

If you have missing teeth, we will help you start on the path towards a new, restored smile. Dr. Sood and her talented team are always ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. If you reside in Leesburg or any of the neighboring communities, get in touch with us today to schedule your visit and experience our excellent services.



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